A Notebook of the Eye

Photography by Yaman Konuralp


yaman konuralp portrait

I started photography and darkroom at the AA school of Architecture in London as part of my General studies curriculum. After a unit trip to Italy to study the architecture of Andrea Palladio and Carlo Scarpa in Vicenza and Venice, an exhibition were made with the images taken and developed in the darkroom at the school. The last couple of years I have been working with painting and portrait photography. I see many similarities, and I am inspired to complement the aesthetics of painting in a photographic presentation. Hence, I try to fuse the elements of motion and the study of light together in these artforms. I use digital and analog cameras and develop my films. Some of my artwork is sold at Saatchiart.com and galleries in Copenhagen. Studio Gallery Kristiansand Norway Fotograf i Sør.
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